About Koi.Fish and Koi Family from Portland, Oregon

About Koi.Fish and Koi Family from Portland, Oregon

Koi.Fish is Koi sales website that is owned by an Oregon based business, Koi.Pro. Koi.Fish is an effort of Koi Family in partnership with a group of Koi dealers, who promotes high quality Nishikigoi online. We bring the best of the Koi to all Koi lovers around The World.

We the Koi Family, live in Portland, Oregon and are members of Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club. We are thankful for all the people in the Koi hobby who has been helping us to learn more about koi. We started our online Koi journey by publishing Koi TV® back in 2005. You might have seen us at different Koi Shows around USA. We go to Koi Shows around NW regions. We setup our Koi Crafts booth to help fellow Koi Artists. This website is the effort of our family towards the love of koi and the people around the Koi hobby. This website helps fellow Koi hobbyists turned Koi Dealers to sell their Koi and products online. 

We are trying to make the Koi Hobbyist dream come true. Often times our fellow Koi Hobbyists had to search multiple Koi dealers websites to find their Yume Koi(Dream Koi). Koi.Fish brings all our favorite Koi dealers selected Koi fish in one place. We also tries to make your search very user friendly.

We also have our own Koi Pond. We have a 2,000 gal fenced koi pond in our backyard with 8 koi in it. With kids growing up and limited space we couldn't built a new pond in our place. So, we have some koi at some dealers growing places. There is a saying in Koi Hobby that Koi Hobby starts with Kohaku and ends with Kohaku. Likewise, we started with Kohaku. We like all varieties of Koi. But now at the time we are writing this, we like Asagi, Goshiki and Showa.
Please check our other websites - Koi TV®Koi Crafts and Nishikigoi to know more about us.

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