Yes, account registration is required to buy a Koi on koi.fish website. We will not sell your contact information. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address and account safe.
We provide FREE shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental United States of America unless expressed otherwise. We know shipping and handling can be a struggle. Therefore we make it easier for our clients.
We will contact you with the status of your Koi. With your confirmation and availability of picking up the Koi from the final destination, we will provide tracking number.
We do not have a return policy on livestock. Please check out our return policy on the website.
Our koi dealers are experts in handling Koi. We provide the best service to keep your koi healthy for 48 hours from packing time.
We can provide you guidance in collecting and safely handling your koi with the best interest.
Yes. It is a stressfully time for the Koi to go through a packaging process. As a responsible Koi owner, it is beneficial for you and your Koi if you be present when the shipment reaches its final destination.
We can hold your Koi up to 14 days up on your request at our dealer's location. Please contact us if you have certain request about shipping and handling.
It depends on the dealer's preference and the destination.
Yes, we can arrange appointment with the Koi Dealer to pick up the Koi after purchase and full payment.
Please add your email and phone number when you check out the cart. We will contact you regarding the order. We wanted to make sure your Koi is healthy for shipping to your location. We will confirm the order and will work out the shipping .
No, at the point, we only ship Koi inside United States excluding US Territories.